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Bad Zu

Bad Zu

Bad Zu


Traditional African music goes along awesomely not only with house, but also with grime, jungle and any other rave form on the whole – who would have thought that Russia would be the place for this wild fusion of ethnic and ghetto cult to emerge. The project Bad Zu found its audiences around the globe almost immediately, signing its first release in Berlin (Through My Speakers) one month before signing up in Moscow (Internet Ghetto). The project producer Phil Alexandrov and drummer Alexander Malyshev have experience of more than a hundred rave lives in Russia and Europe, alongside such giants as The Bug, Zebra Katz, NGHT DRPS, IC3PEAK, Summer Of Haze, Pixelord, and more than 20 released tracks played from underground dancefloors to American Beats1 podcasts and London FM broadcasting. Bad Zu show always means the audience letting the inner demon out. Wild dance and unapologetic loss of shame have become a symbol of Bad Zu, and the visual support by VJ SPAM makes each and every one of their live gigs a blockbuster.

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