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Release: #NURNED.02 Out Now!

Sarah Farina

The TMS Crew felt the need for some output once again, so we got in touch with some friends from London and around the place, to put together this years TMS compilation
And since time has been nurning since our Boiler Room Session early September last year, we thought to dedicate this date to the release of nurned.02

The usual suspects Sabrina, NGHT DRPS, Radar Bird, She's Drunk and Walter Vinyl are joined by Qumasiquamé, Tim Reaper, Enveloop and Lvis Mejía on this release. 

Grab the tunes for free and spread the word if you like what you hear! 

Get in touch if you wanna give feedback:

Artwork: LEFEU 
Layout: frompamm
Mastering: Walter Vinyl

Release: NGHT DRPS 'Slippin EP' Release Party

Marcel Kussel

Two weeks ago we celebrated our second physical release by NGHT DRPS at Prince Charles in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The night was set off with vibrant DJ sets by TMS members Walter Vinyl b2b Radar Bird b2b Qumasiquamé (who went to the airport straight from the party to catch his flight to NYC), and Sabrina (She’s Drunk b2b Le Feu) got them dancing feet moving b2b Bass Gang’s Tuan:Anh.

NGHT DRPS opened his live performance with a premiere of a visual teaser for his EP and presented some brand new music in his set. 

ChixYo van Lenz and Sarah Farina closed the night with a fine selection of #rainbowbass tunes. It was a night with vibe, excitement and a lot of great music on a superb sound system.
Big up to everyone who came to #NURN with us on this special night!
Also thanks again for Billetto and Prince Charles for their support hosting this event!

Release: NGHT DRPS - Slippin EP

Sarah Farina


We're proud to present our 2nd release on local label 'Through My Speakers' with the much-anticipated album from TMS producer, NGHT DRPS - Slippin EP, to be released late April!

This Thursday, we welcome your support and positive party mood to celebrate this release at Prince Charles, Berlin-Kreuzberg with musical reinforcement by Through My Speakers friends and family!


彡NGHT DRPS (live)                                              
彡Sarah Farina                                                      
彡Walter Vinyl
彡She’s Drunk b2b Le Feu a.k.a. Sabrina         
彡Yo van Lenz          
彡Tuan:Anh (Bass Gang)                                                                            
彡Radar Bird

Preview and grab an exclusive free download by NGHT DRPS - STAND DUB TALL

Release: She's Drunk - 'Physical EP' Out Now!

Sarah Farina

The individual tracks of  SHE'S DRUNK's EP 'Physical' were released via MixmagBoiler RoomThe FADER and Abeano Music. His music was played on some of the biggest radio stations on Europe, Australia, the States and beyond.

The most important fact, he is smiling. Sun is shining in his face day in and day out, and he ain't drunk, don't worry. 
David aka. SHE'S DRUNK EP #4 'PHYSICAL' on vinyl and digital via available now in your favourite music shops; on- and offline.

We are so proud!
Shout out to: Sam & Sarah, Walter VinylSarah Farina, beautiful LEFEU!

Get a copy!


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