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The home of Through My Speakers Records (TMS) online. TMS is a family of producers, DJ's and music enthusiasts with a love for contemporary electronic music.  


Third TMS release by Schockglatze - Warlord EP

Sarah Farina

Schockglatze is the distillate of a longstanding collaboration between artists working across the frontiers of several forms. With audio- visual performances, band projects and international exhibitions as part of their armoury, Spänk, Nik Nowak and Moritz Stumm have been causing a stir within the art and music worlds for years. The so-called Schock-Sound is the product of a collective, therefore it only felt naturally to team up with the Berlin based „Through My Speakers“ family for the release of their debut EP „Warlord“.

Second TMS release by NGHT DRPS - NGHT DRPS EP

Sarah Farina

NGHT DRPS’ debut EP „SLIPPIN“ (TMS002) blends arthy groove and eavy drums ith eep nd rippy vibe, backed by seismic basslines. Touching ground in ondon 201, NGHT DRPS onnected to many of his musical roots and focussed his musical vision, framing uturistic soun into a unique oncept of Dub.

Produced by NGHT DRPS, Mixed by Walter Vinyl, Mastered by Frederic Stader at Music Matters Mastering, Artwork by SKOR72.