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The home of Through My Speakers Records (TMS) online. TMS is a family of producers, DJ's and music enthusiasts with a love for contemporary electronic music.  

She's Drunk

She's Drunk

She's Drunk



The inspiration to create the sounds he is know for nowadays was driven by the work of artists such as Pearson Sound aka. Ramadanmann, TWWTH and Mr Oizo. Being based in Berlin since 2011 and joining the TMS family a while back, got him introduced to additional layers of genres and diverse sounds.

She’s Drunk is know for fairly schizophrenic club music that draws its power from the abrupt and unapologetic simultaneity of bass and kick clanging together in short bursts, combined with groovy melodies and soulful sounds in-between. His explosive approach to the dance floor is giving listeners an insight into the strength and diversity of the material that he is quickly amassing.

You can frequently catch him in playing in Berlin sharing his latest goodness with music heads and nerds, so far sharing stages with the TWWTH, DJ Champion and Djedjotronik. Early September 2014 he will release his thrid EP called ‘Physical’ on the London based label Liminal Sounds, followed by another EP in Autumn with Through My Speakers.

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