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30 JAN 2015 | Tricky Aftershow Party With Sam Binga

If you’re fully in the know, or if you pay attention to wider movements in the music world, you’ll realise that there’s some serious weight behind the SAM BINGA name, with countless gigs and worldwide tours covering pretty much the whole spectrum of underground dance music under his belt. But that’s not important right now: what’s important is that mix of dirty-south swagger, Chi-town footwork and UK pressure people like SAM BINGA are bringing to the table. Fresh, weird and strictly fire on the dance floor.

We are very happy to have him and get to experience BINGA's crossover of juke, jungle, bass & hip hop at YAAM Berlin's iRevelation soundsystem. Besides BINGA we have two Berlin tastemakers on board: Sarah Farina & Soulmind who will add some #rainbowbass & bass-driven hip hop to the night and the great CEE from Malaysia who is part of!


彡 Sam Binga (Exit Records UK/Critical Music | UK)
彡 CEE (Bass Sekolah | Malaysia)
彡 Sarah Farina (Through My Speakers | DE) 
彡 Soulmind (Through My Speakers | DE) 

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Resident Advisor 

► Concert starts at 8.30PM, aftershowparty starts at 11PM

► We recommend to get tickets in advance

➔ Tickets for the concert and the afterparty will also be available at the door

Come & join us Friday - 30th of January at YAAM! 

Facebook Event for the TRICKY concert